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Telephone Interview Tips – Extra Ideas

Telephone Interview Tips 8 Extra Ideas to Enhance Your Performance

Telephone Interview Tip 1: Smile

Telephone Interview Tips

Telephone Interview Tips - Remind Yourself to Smile!

This is telephone interview tip number one for a reason. It’s SO IMPORTANT!

Remember to Smile.

We’ve talked about this elsewhere on the site too, because it’s so important. Smiling will project a positive image to the listener who will be able to hear and sense your enthusiasm.

Failing to do this can leave you sounding flat and boring!

Telephone Interview Tips 2: Prepare for little feedback

Realise that you can’t see the normal signals you’d get from your interviewer’s body language. But just because you can’t read the details of your interviewers body language, you shouldn’t assume you’re not doing well.

Telephone Interview Tip 3: Silence is ok!

Following on from the last point: Do not be afraid of silence.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing and don’t feel the need to fill every second with words.

Get comfortable with pauses in the conversation because your interviewer will be making notes.

If they want more details, they’ll ask!

Telephone Interview Tip 4: Speak Steadily and Clearly

Make another note to yourself (beyond your Smile Post It!) to speak slowly and enunciate clearly. Don’t feel rushed. You will do far better by saying less and more slowly, but explaining yourself clearly. Any words your interviewer can’t pick up cannot serve to help your cause! Plus, who wants to hire a candidate who garbles their words?

Telephone Interview Tip 5: Take Your Time

Take your time. Ask for a moment to think. It shows you are in control. It’s perfectly acceptable to take a moment to collect your thoughts.

Telephone Interview Tip 6: It’s Ok to ask for a Repeat of the Question

Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat the question if you didn’t fully understand what was asked of you. Far better to check and get them to repeat their question than for you to launch into a 3 minutes answer on the wrong subject!

Telephone Interview Tip 7: Limit Your Replies to Under 3mins

Try to limit your answers to just 2-3 mins maximum. Be concise with your replies, do not provide long-winded answers as this may detract from your main points. Think about your note-taking interviewer! Guide him or her by numbering the points in your answer, e.g. “There are 3 reasons why I think I’d be well suited to a role in Product Management. Firstly….”

Telephone Interview Tip 8: Use this One Chance to Sell Yourself!

Telephone Interview Tips

Telephone Interview Tips - Follow these 8 simple expert tips and massively improve your phone interview performance.

Last idea: Don’t give one word answers!

This conversation is your only opportunity to sell yourself. If you fail to explain and fail to capitalise on the chance to differentiate yourself you stand little chance of progressing to the next round.

Your rival candidates will be giving concise, detailed answers to push themselves to the front of the acceptance list. Why not you?

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