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Telephone Interview Thank You

Telephone Interview Thank You Letters

Telephone Interview Thank You

Telephone Interview Thank You Letters are an easy but too often overlooked strategy for job seekers.

The #1 Biggest Mistake in your Telephone Interview is failing to follow up with a thank you letter.

There are three important reasons for following up your phone call with a telephone interview thank you –

1) It will help to differentiate you from the other candidates in the mind of your interviewer. It’s a rare person who doesn’t appreciate a sincere expression of thanks.

2) It is common courtesy. Just do it!

3) If you don’t follow up with an email or a letter, many (most) Hiring Managers will simply think that you aren’t interested. (Put yourself in their shoes… what would you think if you spent an hour on the phone then heard nothing?)

So my message to you: This isn’t optional!

How to send a Telephone Interview Thank You

The good news is, this doesn’t have to be a long letter. The main point is to send something. These tips will help you make the most of it the opportunity…

You will know naturally when your telephone interview call is coming to a conclusion. Mostly likely you’ll hear your telephone interviewer say something like, “one last question” or “so you know what to expect next in our process…”

Having listened to their point it is your responsibility to ask for and accurately collect their contact details. In person, you can ask for their business card, but by phone we would suggest a simple question like

“In case I have any further questions, may I have your email address?”

Take care to record it correctly.

In order to be able to write a thank you letter, you can also clarify the location of your telephone interviewer by asking

“Do you work out of the London office on Regent Street?”

With these answers and your existing, pre telephone interview research on LinkedIn.com or Google.com you should find you have the key details you need.

Telephone Interview Thank You Letters – What to write

Whether you opt for a thank you letter or an email thank you, you should keep the tone formal and businesslike.

  • Open with a sincere note of thanks.
  • It’s always courteous to pick up on something the interview said, so think back to your telephone interview conversation and comment accordingly.
  • It’s essential that you express your continued interest in the organisation and the job.
  • BONUS Tip 1: Here’s the smart move that is often missed: Your thank you letter is also your chance to repeat the key reasons why you are the best candidate for the job.
  • BONUS Tip 2: Don’t miss the opportunity to go beyond what you said in your telephone interview. If you thought of something you wish you’d said in the phone interview call, but you forgot to mention it at the time, here is your chance to add a little extra detail.
  • If you are looking for a way to close your telephone interview thank you letter or telephone interview thank you email, a safe bet is always to repeat your understanding of the next steps and say that you are looking forward to hearing from your telephone interviewer.

How to Prepare for Your Telephone Interview 

For more information on how to prepare for your telephonic interview, visit http://telephoneinterview.net/

It’s not just me that values thank you notes either! Take a look at this article from Business Insider Careers.



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